16 JulAirSlides 2.5 and AirSlides for Windows, for Mac OS X

AirSlides 2.5 is released in iOS AppStore, it is a universal package to support iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch.

AirSlides for Windows turns a MS Windows PC to a wireless projector, to work together with iPad.

latest version: v2.2-20120717
changes: support extended desktop mode.

md5 sum: 4421479cfe6e1d9e11dad29e418637f1
sha256 sum: 44d5c0975ebc409ab64ff30da6c80c082d5cb52e0cb85908252fde92c632f009

AirSlides for Mac OS X turns a Mac to a wireless projector. It is available at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/airslidesx/id533708938?ls=1&mt=12

For Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard User, please download it here:
md5 sum: 32d0508cb31e21d56430d3b26cb85e2d
sha256 sum: 81bba511f296386ffdd83ec0bdfefe344647469617b58eaf21387b338eaa1884

AirSlides supports AirPlay to Apple TV as well, please turn on AirPlay Mirroring of iPad, AirSlides will use remote screen automatically.

8 Responses so far.

  1. edward says:

    iPod touch 3rd will crash when start, please fix it, thanks.

    • admin says:

      iPod Touch 3rd does not support 30pin VGA adapter, it is not support. But it should not crash, may I know how do you installed the app?

      • edward says:

        installed by ifunbox, if iPod touch 3rd is not supported, you should change requirement description in app store, I think.

      • edward says:

        依赖30 pin VGA adapter是个严重的限制,这个adapter恐怕没多少人有。普遍场景是:公司的投影机接着电脑,电脑可以装你的client程序,idevice通过网络连接到client,控制ppt放映,这样只要有网络就行,兼容性会好很多的。

        • yyltang says:

          Airslides的功能和您描述的是一样的,只不过在iphone和itouch由于屏幕太小,只能用做为运行client程序的device,所以它必须需要支持30pin。 如果您没有iphone4/itouch 4或以上的idevice(支持30pin VGA addapter),请使用ipad + mac或者pc (Download app from our website or Mac Appstore ) 

  2. Andrea Censi says:

    Crashes instantaneously on OS X Snow Leopard.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for reporting, the issue is fixed. Could you please download updated version in this page and try again?

  3. tester says:

    Dear Author:

    It is a very good app.
    I follow your instruction for full screen presentation.
    It did work on IPAD.
    However, when I use a windows pc for air projector,
    the screen on windows is still with a white border.
    Could you fix it?

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